Past affiliations with individuals include:

Daryl L. Jones; Leigh Steinberg; Jeff Moorad; Scott Parker; David Dunn; Joby Branion; Brian Murphy; Carmen Wallace; David Cornwell; Eugene Parker; Roosevelt Barnes; Ashley Smith; Brian Grieper; Eric Pintaluga; Lennox Lewis; Noah Lazares; Tony Gonzalez; Darrel Russell; Warrick Dunn; Warren Moon; Ricky Williams; Steve Bellesari; Nick Rolovich; Floyd Raglin; Dennis Rodman; Mike Ornstein; Tom Shine; Greg Young; Mike & Valerie Newsome;  Arthur Blank; Steve Young; Brandon Doman; Shaun Cody; Chauncey H. Robinson; Rod Graves; Rod Newhous; Bruce Allen; Cedric Hardman; Zach Crockett; Derrick Brooks; Andre Johnson; Peggy Armand-Boyd; Jonathan Carter; Sara B. Dappen; Oswaldo Rossi; Ken Harndin; Kim Batton; M.E.B. Keflezighi; Eric Green; Kim McKenzie; Terry Long; Jim Long; Garrett Johnson; Dave Hart; Bob Minnix; Sean A. Pittman; Dan LeBartard; David Cantor; Oswaldo Rossi; Jim Brown; Richard Booker; Cedella Marley-Booker; Jason Barr; Arthur Barr; Kirk Wagar; Alex Heckler; Kaynaz Nikookary; Monster Matt Meinrod; Mark Griege; and, Joe Nolan.

Past affiliations with organizations & entities include:

Steinberg, Moorad & Dunn; The University of Miami School of Law; Iron Arrow; DNK Cornwell, LLC;  Assante Sports & Entertainment Inc.; Maximum Sports;  Grieper Sports Management; Nike; Reebok; NFLPA; Robertson, Griege & Thoele; Spike TV;  NBC; Realand Productions; Super Agent;  Seminole Track & Field; Hard Six; Everyone’s Youth United; Ruden McClosky;  Shutts & Bowen; Phifty-50;  Seminole Track & Field Alumni Association;  Barr Consulting;  The Florida Senate; Pittman Law Group; Wall$treet Athetic Group; HBO; Showtime; and, Amer-I-Can.

[These lists are ongoing works in progress…  As life dictates, every association listed here did not end in blissful harmony and happily ever afters, but they did exist….]

If you are not listed, don’t get mad, get listed by shooting me an email at

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