Your Consent Is Required


Thought of the Day:

“No one is allowed to make you feel inferior without your consent.”

~ Eleanor Roosevelt


I have come to think of myself, the true me, as the observer of my own actions and thoughts.  I do this because sometimes I say, “hey why am I thinking this or that?”  Who is that saying hey?  That who is me, my true essence, the unique thing that constitutes my soul.  I sit in the Captain’s Seat or the Observer’s Chair as I have come to call it.  You, and only you are in control of what occurs inside your mind.  Only you can choose to be happy or sad.  Only you may choose how to respond to another person, to outside stimuli.

In our everyday lives we encounter all kinds of people and all types of situations, but no matter what occurs we retain absolute control of how we respond.  You can be dealing with a lover, a friend or even your boss.  The situation may be high drama or a once in a lifetime opportunity – you get to decide how you are gonna respond to it.  You get to decide if you are going to believe it to be so.  And you get to decide what to do about it.  So, as the Observer who gets to direct the way you play your part in the script how do you want your character to play?

No matter what you choose, it’s your choice.  Choose well my friends.  Remember to be kind and gentle with yourselves and don’t let those voices in your head convince you of bad things about yourself.