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Decades from now, when your grandchildren speak to their grandchildren about you, what would you like them to share? Are there family traditions that you hold dear and hope that they continue for generations to come? How will future generations learn the origins and importance of those traditions? A Guide to Crafting Personal Legacy Statements: an Ancient Legacy Tool of the Wealthy and Wise helps you identify and generate responses to these questions and more. This is not a “how-to” book for writing a life story or family history, but a dynamic tool for sharing a legacy, your’s or your family’s legacy. Who and what have shaped your life? What do you value most? What do you want future generations to remember about you? A Guide to Crafting Personal Legacy Statements empowers you to create a powerful legacy statement to be shared at the time of your choosing during your life or after your time has passed.

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A conversation about “A Guide to Crafting Personal Legacy Statements” with Don West, Jr. and Tim Morrison (Pt. 1 of 6)

A Presentation by Don West, Jr. and Tim Morrison at the University of Miami on Nov. 20, 2008

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Released in November of 2008, A Guide to Crafting Personal Legacy Statements – An Ancient Tool of the Thoughtful, Wealthy & Wise promises to become a valued treasure to both you and many generations to come.

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