Our Deepest Fear

Last week Marilyn shared with our Life Coaching group a wonderful piece by Marianne Williamson from her 1992 book, "Return To Love."  Many people inaccurately attribute this passage to former South African President Nelson Mandela due to his inclusion of its wisdom in his Presidential Inauguration Address.   Our Deepest Fear It is our light not … Continue reading Our Deepest Fear

Interested vs. COMMITTED – A Real Life Tale

Today, I was intent on being a part of our 11am Advanced Life Coaching Group with Marilyn Jhung at the West Central Mental Health Center, (WCMHC), in Los Angeles, California.  Because I am staying in Orange County, California, in order to achieve this task today, I first needed to take three buses in Orange County to … Continue reading Interested vs. COMMITTED – A Real Life Tale

Introducing Don West, Jr.’s – Legacy Pyramid™

The Legacy Pyramid™ was created by Don West, Jr., who serves as the Director of Education to the American Institute of Legacy & Estate Planning.  The Legacy Pyramid™ is a visual depiction model for a twenty-two part system for multi-generational well-being, happiness, success, and prosperity. The Legacy Pyramid's™ methodology integrates lessons and teachings from history's greatest … Continue reading Introducing Don West, Jr.’s – Legacy Pyramid™

Untethered in 2012

This video was shot in 2018, the post was written in 2012.   A Statement by Donald L. West, Jr., JD Untethered.  That is the goal.  This piece was inspired by three people that I have known- 1)  Professor Marc Fajer of University of Miami School Law; 2)  Melissa Presser author of the blog Mary F. Poppins ; and, … Continue reading Untethered in 2012