Interested vs. COMMITTED – A Real Life Tale

Today, I was intent on being a part of our 11am Advanced Life Coaching Group with Marilyn Jhung at the West Central Mental Health Center, (WCMHC), in Los Angeles, California.  Because I am staying in Orange County, California, in order to achieve this task today, I first needed to take three buses in Orange County to … Continue reading Interested vs. COMMITTED – A Real Life Tale

Introducing Don West, Jr.’s – Legacy Pyramid™

The Legacy Pyramid™ was created by Don West, Jr., who serves as the Director of Education to the American Institute of Legacy & Estate Planning.  The Legacy Pyramid™ is a visual depiction model for a twenty-two part system for multi-generational well-being, happiness, success, and prosperity. The Legacy Pyramid's™ methodology integrates lessons and teachings from history's greatest … Continue reading Introducing Don West, Jr.’s – Legacy Pyramid™

Untethered in 2012

This video was shot in 2018, the post was written in 2012.   A Statement by Donald L. West, Jr., JD Untethered.  That is the goal.  This piece was inspired by three people that I have known- 1)  Professor Marc Fajer of University of Miami School Law; 2)  Melissa Presser author of the blog Mary F. Poppins ; and, … Continue reading Untethered in 2012