Fitness Journal: Kickboxing 45 @ Title Boxing Club Costa Mesa

I am smiling because I hit it 5 days this week, 4 #bangemup sessions @tbccostamesa and 1 workout at #planetfitness. Working to bring everything into balance and #thefuturelooksbright!

Today, I had my first class with Doc, the new GM at Title Boxing Club Costa Mesa. The workout đź’Ş leaves you dripping in sweat! After 45 minutes I was completely wiped out and fully refreshed at the same time. Doc throws in a few unique twist by having us switch to our non-dominant stance and repeat the combinations, in my case as a south-paw.

Our 45 minute workout breaks down like this:

1 – 7:00 Movement warm-up Round

8 – 3:00 Rounds of Kickboxing

1 – 7:00 Core Routine Round

Special shout out to the gents who have been the guides on my new boxing journey. I have had three great instructors in my first month with the gloves on:

1. Jack Good;

2. Demarcus “Bang ‘Em Up” Brown; and,

3. Dustin “Doc” Roller.

Have you ever utilized boxing as a workout? I would love to share in your experiences and maybe pick-up a few useful tips and pointers along the way. Leave me a comment below.

Throwing a high kick.

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