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Don West, Jr.’s – Legacy Pyramid

Founder &  CEO, The Legacy Center (formerly Revolution Sports Management)

📫 Email: dlw@legacycenter.net


I am The Legacy Specialist™.  I help people grow their businesses and income by finding ways to increase both productivity and enthusiasm.  During this process, I also ensure that a plan is in place to organize and protect your stories, processes, and assets for generations to come.

Every day I am living a dream come true.  I help inspire people to achieve their dreams and encourage everyone to #LiveYourLegacyNow™.  To empower and support this mission I seek, develop and share, programs, tools, and techniques to help you ‘hack’ your dreams and make them a tangible reality.  Simply put, I teach people how to make their dreams come true. I have been doing it all my life.

I am a Son. I am a Cousin. I am a Brother. I am a Husband. I am a Partner. I am a Friend. I am a Student. I am an Athlete. I am a Photographer. I am a Warrior. I am a Leader. I am an All-Star Speaker™. I am an Entrepreneur. I am a Professor. I am an Advocate. I am a Philosopher. I am a Philanthropist. I am an Author. I am Hip-Hop. I am a Legacy. I am the Axis. I am an Inventor. I am a Visionary. I am uniquely Me.


The mythology of DON WEST, JR. is legendary.


Recently confirmed in an article published in the “Wakanda Times Journal,” Don has long been rumored to be a leader of a secret group of “Meta-Humans” out to transform the world through Positive Intention and teaching the skills necessary for everyone to learn to tap into and harness their unique supernatural abilities. Don openly acknowledges that he is a meta-human with some supernatural gifts.

DON WEST, JR. is both a brand and an individual. Don dreams big, and his passion is to assist others in realizing their own dreams as he has learned to do. The “Brand” exemplifies happy and healthy living, prosperity, positive leadership, creativity, strategic action-based planning and the pursuit of excellence.

Don is the founder and CEO of The Legacy Center (formerly, Revolution Sports Management) and is the world’s first-ever certified “Personne De Confiance” or “PSD,” which translates to “a trusted and reliable person” or in layman’s nomenclature a “Business Agent.”

Don also serves as the Chief Operations Officer to Nutrition Zone USA, a fast-growing, cutting-edge brick and mortar franchise opportunity that serves as a thought leader in the Nutritional Supplement and Health and Fitness marketplace.

Don specializes in Contracts and Negotiations and regularly writes articles and gives speeches and presentations on sports business, intellectual property protection, federal regulation compliance, corporate compliance, productivity, publishing, and self-development. He is often asked to keynote events and gatherings around the globe.

Don is the creator of ‘The Legacy Pyramid a 22-part system that integrates the teachings of former UCLA Basketball Coach John Wooden and his Pyramid of Success and aims to establish that “Every Life Is A Legacy.”

If your life or business can use a powerful infusion of positive energy, strategic-planning, and enthusiastic creativity, then you should associate with Don West, Jr.

My LinkedIn

▶▶ My Specialties:

◾ The Legacy Pyramid
◾ Executive Fitness
◾ Leadership
◾ Transformation
◾ Mental Health
◾ Entrepreneurship
◾ Productivity
◾ Branding
◾ Innovation

▶▶ To Learn more:

📫 Email: jessica.olsen@donwestjr.com



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