Figuring Out Ad copy-writing & Conversion Rates

Welcome to the 1st entry of my behind-the-scenes journal of our efforts to launch the inagural 2020 Masterclass for Parents.

We launched the course 3 days ago on August 1st and I thought it would be a good idea to place a few ads on Facebook and Instagram to increase exposure and hopefully also drive sales. Half of the equation was achieved, we got a lot of exposure, which means plenty of clicks and likes. But what was elusive in this initial effort was the CONVERSION. People were curious, they took a look, but the current funnel that I have developed (my first true effort in this vane) does not drive conversions. My rookie analysis tells me that our ad copy is partially to blame for this shortcoming. How does the copy make the potential customer feel about the purchase? Does it create any urgency?

Well I plan to keep you informed of our progress in this endeavor, sharing the ups and downs along the way. Just another day in the life of your favorite wandering polymath. Stay tuned, hopefully we will figure out conversion rates and get this wonderful resource into the hands of as many parents around the country as need it. That is our goal, to reach every parent in need. To leave no child behind for the ’20-’21 #covid19 school year.

What do you think, is it the copywriter? Do you know about driving conversions in the e-commerce and specifically the e-Course space? Leave me a comment or suggestion if you have some knowledge or experience to share. Thanks, in advance!

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Don West, Jr. is a corporate mystic who enjoys a delectable meal and a stiff Manhattan. Intrigued by the subjects of legacy and success he makes time to explore both. An entrepreneur at heart he thrives on helping individuals and entities grow and transform. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Kay and their adorable little Pekingese - Duchess.

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