Introducing Don West, Jr.’s – Legacy Pyramid™

The Legacy Pyramid™ was created by Don West, Jr., who serves as the Director of Education to the American Institute of Legacy & Estate Planning.  The Legacy Pyramid™ is a visual depiction model for a twenty-two part system for multi-generational well-being, happiness, success, and prosperity.

The Legacy Pyramid’s™ methodology integrates lessons and teachings from history’s greatest coaches, thinkers, and teachers including: Coach John Wooden, Benjamin Franklin, Napoleon Hill, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Og Mandino, Stephen R. Covey, Prentice Mulford, Carl Jung, John Maxwell, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, John Kotre, Don West, Jr., James E. Hughes, Jr., and many more.

The Legacy Pyramid™ is rooted in life long learning, which is the underlying principle of the Intellectual Wellbeing Dimension, the fourth dimension of the Seven Dimensions of Holistic Wellbeing.  Further, Don emphasizes the Legacy Pyramid™ is a living system and is intended to integrate and adopt new knowledge and teachings as they become available.

The twenty-two components of the system are:

Stone 1: Humility & Service (Foundation);
Stone 2: Industriousness (Cornerstone #1);
Stone 3: Enthusiasm (Cornerstone #2);
Stone 4: Definitive Chief Aim;
Stone 5: Junto/Mastermind/Universal Mind;
Stone 6: Iron Grip Control & Management;
Stone 7: Imagination;
Stone 8: Excercise/Physical Fitness;
Stone 9: Habit of Giving & the Law of Saving;
Stone 10: Initiative & Leadership;
Stone 11: Concentration;
Stone 12: Acute & Accurate Thinking;
Stone 13: Pleasing Personality;
Stone 14: Cooperation;
Stone 15: Intentness;
Stone 16: Practicing the Golden Rule;
Stone 17: Universal Law;
Stone 18: Generativity;
Stone 19: Competitive Greatness;
Stone 20: Self-Control;
Stone 21: Self-Confidence; and,
Stone 22: Temet Nosce/Know Thyself.

Don often shares how he developed the Legacy Pyramid™ in his speeches, frequently citing what he calls, #AmazingThoughtz from the books and programs the Pyramid draws upon; he credits two initial influences in developing the Legacy Pyramid,™ they are, Coach John Wooden’s “Pyramid of Success,” and Napoleon Hill’s “Laws of Success.”

“As I was reading Napolean Hill’s The Law of Success, I began to wonder how other great systems would interact with his, and thus, began the quest that resulted in the eventual creation of the Legacy Pyramid.™  Having long been a fan of former UCLA Men’s Basketball Coach John Wooden – the ‘Wizard of Westwood,’ and his legendary Pyramid of Success, I sought to utilize and incorporate Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success as the primary model out of respect to his pioneering body of work and high standards of excellence, but also as an homage and continuation of the Mt. Everest-sized legacy Coach Wooden and his Pyramid of Success have become.”

~Don West, Jr., Creator of the Legacy Pyramid™

The staff has gone through the recordings of all of Don’s talks regarding the Pyramid to date and we developed this presentation of “17 Books That Influence The Legacy Pyramid.”

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Don West, Jr. is a corporate mystic who enjoys a delectable meal and a stiff Manhattan. Intrigued by the subjects of legacy and success he makes time to explore both. An entrepreneur at heart he thrives on helping individuals and entities grow and transform. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Kay and their adorable little Pekingese - Duchess.

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