Giving It Your All


Thought of the Day:

“This is the foundation of success nine times out of ten – having confidence in yourself and applying yourself with all your might to your work.”

~ Thomas Wilson


Today is the Super Bowl, arguably the most watched tv event in the United States. There are two teams, the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots, vying for NFL’s coveted Lombardi Trophy 🏆.  Every player who takes the field today will have his confidence tested and his lifetime’s body of work evaluated and analyzed in front of millions.  We will literally be able to watch these gridiron gladiators fight with all their might in the quest to win Super Bowl LI. 

Like many of us each of these men have been working hard toward their goal for years, even decades in some cases.  It is rare that one is able to pursue a life goal in such clearly defined terms as the Super Bowl provides.  For many of us the goal is much more ethereal, we are seeking to be great parents, trustworthy friends, amazing producers and creators.  No matter what the quest there is a common denominator recounted by those who are successful – they apply everything they have to their pursuit.  Whether it is in the gym, the library, the laboratory or the board room you must give it all that you have got.

I have been able to watch elite NFL players prepare for their seasons and get ready for the rigors of the gridiron.  I have also watched talented individuals prepare for law school exams and prepare for the notorious bar exam.  Again, they share several things in common – an intense focus on the task at hand, a fervent belief in their ability to accomplish the task and a wholehearted commitment to the work required.

So as you enjoy the heroics of today’s contest, ask yourself what is your Super Bowl, what is it that you are working toward?  Do you have something in your life that you are going all in on?  I’d love to hear what it is.  Share what you are willing to work for.

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Don West, Jr. is a corporate mystic who enjoys a delectable meal and a stiff Manhattan. Intrigued by the subjects of legacy and success he makes time to explore both. An entrepreneur at heart he thrives on helping individuals and entities grow and transform. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Kay and their adorable little Pekingese - Duchess.

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